Brotherhood, Scholarship, Service

President's Message

Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service is what Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated is known for. Culture for Service and Service for Humanity is what we do. The Theta Rho Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated is proud to represent and serve the South Florida Community. As President I share a commitment to lead the brotherhood on that mission while at the same time respecting our foundation of Brotherhood, our respect for Scholarship and a never ending reverence to Service. As part of the legion of men who follow Sigma’s call we are excited to be able to continue to serve the youth of our community and participate in endeavors that make our community strong. I welcome you to expect these traits and join us in making South Florida the premier community to serve.

Bro. Elmer Foster


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Dues Payment Plans

Total Chapter and State dues: $265.004 Pay - $66.25 for four months3 Pay - $ 88.33 for three months2 Pay - $132.50 for t...

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Sigma Beta Club Contact Information

Director of Sigma Beta ClubBro. Robert IngsSigmaBetaClub@ThetaRhoSigma.orgText:  305-747-1914Meetings2nd and 4th Sa...

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Double duty

Brothers participated in two events on Saturday, November 18th. Brothers parked cars at the Homestead Speedway and they ...

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Overtown Youth Center

 Rho Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, partnered with the Overtown Youth Center to give Thanksgiving bask...

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Presidents Message

In 30 years Theta Rho Sigma has grown from a charter to a chapter of over 40+ members in the Miami-Dade area. Theta Rho ...

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Sigma Beta Award

Ten members of the Sigma Beta Club attended the 99th Anniversary Conclave in Philadelphia, PA. Edward Leonard, freshman ...

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I believe in all that Phi Beta Sigma represents, and I will herald and defend it, event against the world.

Bro. A. M. Walker

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